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What Types of Content Should Your Law Firm Create?

Is Your Law Firm’s Content Strategy Solving Problems?

Content should be at the heart of most successful legal marketing or SEO campaigns. A content strategy for law firms should help your potential clients solve their problems, by providing the information they are looking for. Remember the client-centered website?

The same goes for content.

For example, if your law firm handles criminal cases, the content on your site should provide answers to various sections of Criminal law. To an individual charged with DUI, your site should provide solutions to their questions. To take this a step further, your content should also show up when they need it the most.


Similarly, you can create content that aims to educate readers about your areas of expertise. Creating Criminal law-related content that educates your customers and boosts your credibility as a Law Firm that specializes in criminal cases.


Who will read this, past clients, prospective clients looking for advice from a criminal attorney?


Remember, don’t be afraid to tell a story.


The story could be your philosophy or reasoning to take on specific criminal cases. Let’s say that you have a family member that used to be a gang member in the Los Angeles area and for whatever reason; you attract those clients by word of mouth.


Guess what?


Those types of clients are using computers also. So are their family members. Why can’t your content tell the story of why defending them is important to you?


Why can’t your content speak to some of the cases you have assisted your clients with and what those cases mean to you personally?


Do Not Forget The Story

Do not forget the power of customer stories. Has one of your past clients turned their life around based on a strategy you used some years back as a public defender or when you first opened your practice? Why not create a piece of Q&A content written with that client in the form of an interview?


How would that look you ask?


Ask that client to answer 5-10 questions about how your strategy assisted them from beginning to end:


  • How the client felt before meeting you?
  • How did they feel about your process and strategy during the duration of their case?
  • What have they gone on to do with their life since your assistance?
  • How did your assistance impact their family?


You could do that with Family Law, Immigration, DUI, and other fields of law. Get creative and think outside of the box.


These are the types of stories that resonate and connect with people. As you will see in the coming sections, you can also re-purpose this content in different mediums across multiple platforms and best of all, it is evergreen.


This type of content can live on your website or social properties forever.

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