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How are You Tracking Your Radio Advertising?

Radio Advertising for Attorneys

Integration of your traditional and digital marketing efforts are going to allow your law firm to cast a wider net from which to attract potential clients. Do not overlook silver spenders who are mostly digital immigrants accustomed to traditional marketing.


Remember, we are now in an era where life expectancy is longer. You have Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and coming to a market near you, Generation Z.


Each generation has their preferred method of contact, but one thing is common. The need for a competent and trustworthy attorney. If you can integrate your law firms marketing efforts and talk to each audience on their preferred platform, you will have a higher chance of success.


If you are just starting out, I would not necessarily suggest allocating a large portion of your budget to radio, television, or billboards. If you can afford to do so, by all means, get started. No matter your budget, you have to get in the habit of tracking your attribution for each segment.


One of the questions I ask clients in regards to their traditional radio advertising is, “How are you tracking conversions from radio (tv) ads?” For the most part the answer is, “Not sure, but we know it works.”


You have to ask yourself, is not having data in your best interest? I would think it is not. So how can you fix this? Add a unique tracking number or a specific URL.


Tracking URL for Radio

Your traditional marketing should tie into your online strategy in some fashion. Recording a radio spot? Great! In the end, we typically hear a phone number to reach your firm 24/7 correct? Why not add in your website at the end?

The closing of your ad could look like this, “Call XYZ Law Firm Today at (Unique phone number) or reach us online at”

Do see what happens there at the end? This is under the assumption that your ad is for the local ESPN radio station. Why not add the ESPN URL to your site as a landing page that you can track? Do this with all of your traditional marketing.


Let’s look at an example from Ziprecruiter.


In the mornings, I listen to ESPN while getting ready, around 5 am to 6 or so. Every morning, I hear an ad from Ziprecruiter from the Dan LeBatard Show. It’s all typical ad copy, but at the end, there is always the phrase, “Find out more at”


Here is a screenshot of what listeners are directed to:


radio advertising for attorneys


The landing page is simple. It welcomes listeners and has a special offer. Now, are you going to add a discount based on listeners? Most likely not, depending on the type of law you practice. You have to remember though, that the larger issue here is tracking your traditional advertising spend.


There are a number of things you could do to your own landing page, but remember, keep it simple. Your page could be as simple as creating a contact form guaranteeing contact within the hour because they are loyal listeners to station XYZ.

Not everyone will call, but those that may not call could go to your website. Remember, you have to direct your audience to what action you want them to take in both traditional and online marketing.


Do not assume that they will run to your website or call you immediately after your ad plays on the radio.


Tell them where they can go for more information and most importantly, track everything.


How are you tracking your traditional advertising spend?


Let us know in the comments section.

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