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Top 9 Reasons for Your Law firm To Have A Strategy Session With Us:

Let's Discuss YOUR Top 2-3 Known Issues in Your Law Firm's Current Marketing Plan

See if Your Current Marketing Strategy Matches Your Law Firms Expectations and Why...or Why Not

Discover at least 2 Blind Spots in Your Current Marketing You Should Address Today For Your Law Firms Long-Term Success

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You Are Unsure About How Your Are Truly Spending Your Marketing Budget

Lack of Transparency in Current Marketing Situation. In Other Words, Your Gut is Telling You Something is Missing

You Haven't Identified or Established Solid Goals or KPI's

No Clarity on Your True Marketing ROI

Lack of Consistent Communication. Not Getting the Attention or Service Your Law Firm Deserves.

Your Current Marketing Company is Not A True Marketing Partner

You Have Zero Clue What your Marketing Company Actually Does on a Monthly Basis

Mediocre Performance

What Will We Cover in Your Strategy Session?

Your Current Marketing Provider Does Not Understand Legal Marketing

We Will Show You Live Data From One of Our Clients. See What Marketing Transparency Should Look Like for Your Law Firm

As a Google Certified Partner, Esquire Marketing Group focuses on Data-driven Marketing for Law Firms and Solo-Attorneys.

Our experienced team provides marketing transparency, guidance, and leadership to our law firm partners to ensure positive marketing ROI across all channels, not just in the digital space.

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