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Small Law Firm Marketing Ideas

Small Law Firm Marketing Tips

Marketing for a small law firm can be a challenge. Marketing gets you noticed in your market but it’s a lot different from the types of marketing you would do with products or services. There are special rules and restriction that govern the marketing strategies and campaigns used by attorneys and they vary state-to-state.


Your legal marketing strategies must be strong, to the point and follow all guidelines set forth by your state in such a way that attracts potential clients without compromising your personal and professional ethics.


The services of an attorney cannot be evaluated until they have actually been performed. Clients usually have to put their trust in an attorney they don’t personally know and that can be very difficult when you are just getting started with a new law firm.


Many times potential clients are swayed by the most appealing attorney marketing strategies because this is all they have to go by when they need the services of an attorney.


Your experience and credentials are vital to your success but the average client doesn’t have the special training needed to judge which attorney is the most qualified. Your marketing strategies should contain this information, but it needs to be presented in such a way that it gets the attention of the potential client and it’s something they can relate to.


This is what makes this type of marketing so challenging but when done correctly, it can be very effective.


Tips for Promoting your Practice



Sit down and work out a plan before you try to market your firm.

Figure out ways that will set you apart from the rest and use these to your advantage. Take advantage of any publishing opportunities and speak publicly every chance you get. Be smart with your time however. You must weigh the potential ROI for your time when it comes to both publishing and speaking engagements.


Stay Engaged

It’s also vital that you stay updated with everything associated in your field or you’ll fall behind the competition. Staying abreast of changes within your practice area will allow you to provide your marketing team more direction and guidance.



When you’re putting together your marketing plan, focus on all aspects of marketing so you can put together a fully integrated plan that will reach all of your potential clients.


Don’t get discouraged it your first plan doesn’t get the results you’re after. Sometimes, it takes a while to learn what works and what doesn’t work based on your practice area and the location that you’re practicing law.


Marketing strategies that work great in one state may not be effective in another and what works for a divorce attorney may work for a criminal defense attorney. Therefore, it must be designed to suit your area and specific practice to be effected.


Things to Avoid


Just as there are tips and strategies that will help to promote your practice and make it thrive there are things that will have a negative impact on it as well.


These are the things that need to be avoided.


For example, you must have a plan that will differentiate you from the competition. Marketing sporadically without a specific goal in mind will not get the results you need and will cause frustration.


Everyone knows that it’s more difficult to keep up with your marketing efforts when you get busy but abandoning your plans during this time will hurt your practice. If you’re too busy to keep it up, then consider hiring a trusted assistant to help you out in this department.


Avoid making this common mistakes and take the time to put together a campaign that the potential clients can relate to and you’ll accomplish your goals. Small law firm marketing done the right way has many rewards.


It will get you noticed in your market and draw in more clients.

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