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Need More Leads and Appointments for your Law Firm?

As a marketing agency for lawyers, we do not care about getting you ranked number one on Google and we do not care about “organic reach” as a metric for your law firms success.

We care about improving your bottom line.


With this approach in mind, we have created and implemented strategies for our clients that drive traffic and increase conversions month-over-month. Our marketing data is detailed and combed over weekly, ensuring that we do what is best for each firm with their Traditional Marketing, SEO, PPC, and Social Media Marketing.

Here is an example of a DUI/Criminal attorney client that we helped decrease their Cost-Per-Click  by over 70% each month…


We Know Who You Are

You are a law firm, not a cell phone shop and not the local auto repair shop down the street. Your message, your website, and your conversion strategy is NOT the same so why would you work with a marketing strategy team that treats you like other local businesses?

As shown below, we look at the entire picture to make sure your potential clients are seeing your message when they need it. This integrated data approach can also lower your marketing and client acquisition costs over time. Here is actual client data that we review:

  • SEO Numbers
  • CPC Numbers
  • Average Time on Page
  • AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)



We Know Your Potential Client

Our job is to make your phone ring with new potential clients that are looking for your services around the clock. We do not stop there! The next step is then making sure these new calls turn into scheduled appointments.

Here is a snap shot of our agency increasing inbound calls by over 300%. We do this by constantly monitoring and tweaking our conversion strategy.


We Do Our Job So You Can Do Yours

To do this, we look at the conversation analytics (above) of each inbound phone call to make sure your team is not throwing away leads due to lack of knowledge or poor client engagement. Would you know if your team lost a $15,000 client?

We would know, and we will work with your team to improve each inbound conversation so that your appointment calendar stays full.

This is what consistent legal marketing consulting  is supposed to look like.


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