Content and SEO Case Study

How can you stay competitive without expanding your marketing strategy?


Focus on Content Strategy and Technical SEO Southwest Law Firm







With the use of call tracking, we were able to see an increase of over 46% in new calls directly from the new website.

Our content strategy focused on winning new clients. This change required client-centered content development over a 2 year period.

Having clients visit is great, but we need them to convert. With our conversion optimization strategy, there was a significant increase in lead form requests.


Client is a midsized firm that wanted to merge four websites (separate practice areas) into one branded website while growing their organic reach. We focused on putting a migration plan together, mapping out possible issues and committing to a long-term arrangement based on monthly deliverables, monthly reporting of site performance and project transparency.


We measure results of our work by looking at business outcomes. For us, the most important business outcomes are phone calls and lead forms filled out and submitted for consultation. In the first screen shot, you will see that our work did improve site performance across all channels.

This performance did not happen overnight, but with our commitment to our strategy from all parties, we have seen consistent growth in search (screenshot 1) and business outcomes as measured by phone calls (screenshot 2).

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