How Law Firms Can Use Conversation Analytics

What is Conversation Analytics?

Conversation Analytics digs deeper into the calls generated from marketing. If used properly, the conversation analytics taken from these calls can help improve your law firms marketing focus by providing long-tail keywords that your potential clients are actually looking for.


Here is where having a background as a sales leader comes in to play however. For the years that I led inside sales teams, we utilized conversation analytics as a training tool for our teams to improve performance.


We also used it as a training and communication tool for other sales leaders on how to properly coach and train their teams to increase overall performance.


I would be able to pull up calls from employees at any given time and listen to things such as:

  • Phone Presence
  • Product Knowledge
  • Compliance
  • Call Flow
  • Hold Times
  • Customer Service
  • Etc.


Now let’s look at that list again.


Is your firm utilizing your call tracking software to its maximum capability? Would you know how to utilize your current systems? Hell, do you even have access to your system provided by your marketing team?


I am going to guess not in most cases.


This is one of the things that we discover through our Strategy Sessions with potential clients. Most are aware that they tracked calls. They also have an idea that the calls were tied to marketing efforts, but they could not show data tracking each call from first touch to picking up the phone and setting an appointment.


This is problematic in my opinion.


If used correctly, call tracking to show your law firm that there are not only opportunities to improve marketing, but improve each one of the above bullet points.


Once used correctly, you team should be confident that your process for tracking, recording, transcribing, and training would lead to increased conversion of appointments set.


Here is a look at one of our clients and the data we can glean from telephone conversions:


conversation analytics


Keep in mind, this is the end result of our previous marketing efforts. When I match these up, I can also go a step further and dig into each call to find detailed keywords based on conversations.


We’ll talk about that one later…


I agree with my fellow marketers in the legal space that marketing for law firms is tough and competitive, and yes, expensive. That still does not negate the need for us to focus on closing what we are given. Your law firm does have control over what happens on the phone, right?


Would you know if one of your team members gave away a potential lead? Would your marketing team know? Take a look at that screen shot again. Do you think there was missed opportunity in that $118k?


I guarantee there was. Keep in mind, that $118k was calculated by the appointment being set. Meaning that there were opportunities to increase that number with the proper process in place.


You cannot train your staff properly if you do not have the answers to these questions.


I could go over story after story of front office staff giving away leads from the lack of professionalism or knowledge of what type of cases the firm can and cannot be of value. As a marketer that listens to those calls, it infuriates me.


This is why my personal belief is that marketing ends with the appointment being set, not just the phone ringing.




What Should We Do?

Communication is Key

Conversation Analytics is a powerful tool when utilized properly. An area of caution here however. If you are going to roll out the use of conversation analytics to your team you must be upfront and clear in the goals of the firm and why you are implementing this new tool.


This should not be seen as a “gotcha” tool with your staff. In conducting analytics and conversation training across multiple industries, I have heard the comments in the first team meeting:


  • “Big brother is out to get us!”
  • “The company wants to fire me!”
  • “Are you going to be spying on us now?”


I literally had to erase examples here because I have heard them all.


In order to minimize the pushback, which you will receive, we must go back to the beginning and remain clear in our goals. If we are clear as a firm that this tool is utilized to track marketing efforts, improve lead conversion, and offer us an additional training tool for our staff, then you must present it that clearly to your team.


There can be no ambiguity here. If your intention is to eventually use this in performance reviews, then say so. Do not hide your intentions.


Your kickoff meeting with your team should clearly define the company goals from the top down.


Have a Training Plan

Conversation analytics, if presented and used properly, will improve your law firms marketing efforts, increase your conversion rates, become a very effective training tool for continuous improvement, and add more to your bottom line.


Conversation analytics can become a great training tool, even for a one-man operation.


Tracking and recording your calls allows you to go back and listen to what works for you. You can hear a number of things on a call:


  • Maybe you are missing small details in your intro
  • Maybe you sound busy or bothered when calls come in
  • You may find your own product/service knowledge needs to improve


For even the small firm, using call tracking and conversation analytics will help with continuous improvement and training whether it is for you or your staff.


Keep your training plan short and sweet. Focus on the steps you expect to set an appointment in your law firm. Don’t forget to play some of your teams wins and opportunities to improve.



Is it Expensive?

Make sure the system you are using not only fits your budget, but is easy to use. Anyone that tells you they are all the same, has not used them properly. There are differences amongst the providers.


If you are technically inclined, try building your own with Twillo. Most of the carriers you will utilize are built off of Twillo. Keep in mind though, only try this if you are technically savvy enough.


Otherwise, you will waste time and money on something that is readily available.


You’re a lawyer, not the IT guy.


Your marketing team should already have this capability. If not, then that brings up an entirely different set of questions you should be asking.


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