Chris Brown NFT Case Study

In this preview, we cover the recent Chris Brown NFT rollout. Although it's being covered as a failure in the media, we look at some of the positives associated with his rollout and how it creates long term value for his brand and his fans.

Chris Brown NFT Case Study



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In this lesson, we cover the Profit and Loss calculator provided to our students.

By the end of this course our students will…

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Course Outline

Take a look at the 40+ lessons included in Music in the Key of Business

  • Course Introduction
  • About Your Instructor
  • Outline and Objectives
  • Your Marketing: Creating a Foundation with Branding, Positioning and Mindset
  • Steve Stoute on Business Confidence
  • Ryan Leslie on Owning his Audience
  • Who Holds the Gold
  • Are You Set up for the Opportunity
  • Your Leverage
  • Your Marketing: Direct Marketing with Email
  • Profit and Loss Calculator
  • What is Direct Marketing
  • Mautic Tutorial (Mautic Community Content)
  • How to Create and Score Your Ad/Sales Copy
  • Your Marketing: Creating Landing Pages and Headlines that Convert
  • How to Create Converting Landing Pages
  • List of Landing Page Providers and Suggestions
  • Your Money: Protect and Grow Your Business
  • Do you have the right business structure
  • What to Expect in a Legal Consult
  • The Power of the Right Payment Processor
  • Rules to getting business loans via...
  • Labels/Managers: Set up Connected Accounts
  • Your Money: Let's Talk Crowdfunding
  • How to Create a Valuable Offer
  • How to Create a Traditional CF Campaign
  • How to Create a Bumpsale CF Campaign
  • Your Marketing and Your Money: Putting a 360 Marketing Strategy Together
  • What is a 360 Marketing Plan and How to Create One
  • Your Marketing Flowchart
  • Your Marketing and Your Money: Using Your 15,000 Leads
  • Where are they coming from and how to use them
  • Please fill out for your leads request
  • Group coaching sign up
  • Bonus: Adding Traditional Marketing to the Mix
  • How to Add Traditional Marketing to the Mix
  • How to add Hulu and Why
  • Bonus: Creating a Sustainable Social Media Strategy
  • How to Setup Custom Paid Audiences
  • 24/7 Engagement on a Budget