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Our PPC for Lawyers section will focus on new ideas in the area of law firm ppc. The articles shared are a combination of articles written in house by our staff as well as articles syndicated from across the web.

Although our law clients have specific needs, the overall principles and strategies are no different between industry.

We hope sharing these articles brings your law firm more clarity and focus on your ppc endeavors.

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Do you have Control of Your Law Firm PPC Campaign?

Control over your Law Firm PPC Campaign Paid advertising for law firms can be tricky. The marketing industry knows that your keywords are some of the most expensive to purchase regardless of geography. This is one of the main reasons that I suggest law firms control their own AdWords accounts.Read More

Running PPC for Law Firms

PPC for Law Firms It’s no secret that PPC for law firms is costly. The cost for running a successful campaign is not something that can be taken lightly by your leadership team. Over the years, I have seen the mismanagement of PPC campaigns in numerous industries, but the legalRead More

5 Solo Practice Marketing Ideas

5 Best Solo Practice Marketing Tips Are you a lawyer who is uncertain of the best marketing strategy to use to market your law firm? You are not alone. To be precise, small law firm marketing can sometimes be a daunting task. Even though you may be a solo practice,Read More

How Law Firms Can Use AdWords Extensions

Using AdWords Extensions When I run competitive analysis on law firm ads, I run across many law firms that are not properly utilizing the real estate they have available to them with AdWords Extensions. My guess is that they write the initial ad, see that there are word count limitsRead More

5 Ideas to Make Law Firm Pay Per Click Work

Law Firm Pay Per Click As a lawyer, it is important to continually market your law firm services to prospective clients both online and offline. Most professionals recommend that you use the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to market your law firm online. However, it’s worth noting that standing out inRead More