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content marketing for law firms

How Content Marketing Can Help Your Law Firm

Content Marketing for Law Firms Content marketing is the heart of most successful internet marketing or SEO campaigns for attorneys. Your law firms content should help your potential clients solve their problems, by providing the information they are looking for. Remember the client-centered website?   The same goes for content.Read More

small law firms marketing strategy data

Where Should a Small Law Firms Marketing Strategy Start?

Small Law Firms Marketing Strategy For small firms, your marketing strategy may not be as involved as it would be for larger law firms, but there are some things you must identify. Here are some things to consider for your law firms marketing strategy.   Pick the right Vertical ThisRead More

How Law Firms Can Use Conversation Analytics

What is Conversation Analytics? Conversation Analytics digs deeper into the calls generated from marketing. If used properly, the conversation analytics taken from these calls can help improve your law firms marketing focus by providing long-tail keywords that your potential clients are actually looking for.   Here is where having aRead More

smart goals for attorneys

SMART Goals: Marketing for Law Firms

SMART Goals for Legal Marketing There is a common trap in marketing with law firms. The trap is the assumption that everyone is on board and our goals are simple in what we are looking to accomplish. We want to generate leads. Right?   Well yes and no.   WeRead More

Law Firm Marketing Data

Is Your Law Firm Marketing Data All Vanity?

Understanding the Right Law Firm Marketing Data If I told you that your Organic Reach was 60K per month versus your lead to appointment conversion is 30%; which would you think is more important?I have taken over accounts in the past and the number one thing that I get presentedRead More

New Clients for a Law Firm

How to Get New Clients for a Law Firm

Getting New Clients for a Law Firm Despite the increased importance of the  internet, digital marketing and social media, today the way people look for lawyers is not that different to a hundred years ago. A 2015 study in the USA found that people generally still find a lawyer throughRead More

5 Solo Practice Marketing Ideas

5 Solo Practice Marketing Ideas

5 Best Solo Practice Marketing Tips Are you a lawyer who is uncertain of the best marketing strategy to use to market your law firm? You are not alone. To be precise, small law firm marketing can sometimes be a daunting task. Even though you may be a solo practice,Read More

small law firm marketing

Small Law Firm Marketing Ideas

Small Law Firm Marketing Tips Marketing for a small law firm can be a challenge. Marketing gets you noticed in your market but it’s a lot different from the types of marketing you would do with products or services. There are special rules and restriction that govern the marketing strategiesRead More

law firm marketing plan questions and tips

4 Law Firm Marketing Plan Tips

Law Firm Marketing Plan Tips The following is an excerpt from the book: Lawyers Guide to Marketing: How to Create a Profitable Marketing Strategy for Your Law Firm.   In this section of the book, we are discussing Closed-Loop Analytics and its importance in your overall law firm marketing plan.Read More

Adwords Extensions

How Law Firms Can Use AdWords Extensions

Using AdWords Extensions When I run competitive analysis on law firm ads, I run across many law firms that are not properly utilizing the real estate they have available to them with AdWords Extensions. My guess is that they write the initial ad, see that there are word count limitsRead More