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Law Firm Marketing Data

Is Your Law Firm Marketing Data All Vanity?

Understanding the Right Law Firm Marketing Data If I told you that your Organic Reach was 60K per month versus your lead to appointment conversion is 30%; which would you think is more important?I have taken over accounts in the past and the number one thing that I get presentedRead More

small law firm marketing

Small Law Firm Marketing Ideas

Small Law Firm Marketing Tips Marketing for a small law firm can be a challenge. Marketing gets you noticed in your market but it’s a lot different from the types of marketing you would do with products or services. There are special rules and restriction that govern the marketing strategiesRead More

law firm marketing plan questions and tips

4 Law Firm Marketing Plan Tips

Law Firm Marketing Plan Tips The following is an excerpt from the book: Lawyers Guide to Marketing: How to Create a Profitable Marketing Strategy for Your Law Firm.   In this section of the book, we are discussing Closed-Loop Analytics and its importance in your overall law firm marketing plan.Read More

Adwords Extensions

How Law Firms Can Use AdWords Extensions

Using AdWords Extensions When I run competitive analysis on law firm ads, I run across many law firms that are not properly utilizing the real estate they have available to them with AdWords Extensions. My guess is that they write the initial ad, see that there are word count limitsRead More

marketing consistency for law firms

3 Tools to Improve Your Marketing Consistency

Marketing Consistency for Law Firms There are special rules and restriction that govern the marketing strategies and campaigns used for attorneys. Your marketing strategies must be consistent, strong, to the point, and follow all legal marketing guidelines set forth by your state.   Obviously, the services of an attorney cannotRead More

5 Quick Tips to Keep Your Law Firm Top of Mind

Keep Your Law Firm Top of Mind When an incident arises that you can solve, you want your law firm to be the first firm your client thinks about. You want to be the leader in your niche, the go-to-lawyer, a trusted name in the legal field. In other words,Read More

3 Tips to Build Your Online Reputation

Online Reputation Online reputation and your potential clients’ perception of your firm go hand-in-hand. I can remember one client in particular that had a website well over 15 years old. The site looked old. It looked low-end. I am not a fan of having a pretty website for show, butRead More

Law Firm Marketing and Content Distribution Strategy

Having a Content Distribution Strategy in Place If you have a goal of developing a law firm at a local, national, or international level, content marketing and social media distribution must be an integral part of your overall content distribution strategy for business growth and sustainability. At some point, allRead More

Outsource My Social Media Marketing and Strategy

When Should I Outsource Social Media Marketing and Strategy?

Will Outsourcing Social Strategy Help My Firm Grow? As an owner you have to be able to leverage your local presence and reach while reacting faster to changes than larger companies. In order to do this effectively there will come a point where you will have to look at whenRead More

digital marketing for small business

Digital Marketing and Google Analytics (Video)

The Leverage of Digital Marketing There are different ways in which you can promote your law firm through multiple digital marketing and advertising channels. Digital marketing is a simple and affordable way to advertise your firm and boost your online visibility if done correctly. Digital marketing isn’t any more limitedRead More