Attorney Marketing: No One WANTS to Talk to You…They NEED to Talk to You!

Challenges of Attorney Marketing

No One WANTS to talk to you.

If you are an attorney, you should know exactly what I mean by that statement. The services and guidance you provide on a daily basis are not the same as going to a flower shop or getting a cell phone fixed. This is what makes attorney marketing a challenge.

Your potential clients are not always coming to you in the best of situations.

It can be a sobering experience to finally commit to getting assistance from a lawyer.

Knowing this is the case then, why would you market yourself and your law firm in the same manner as a flower shop or cell phone repair store? Your advice and guidance are considerably more valuable than getting flowers or a new iPhone screen.

Your audience is unique in their approach in choosing to hire your firm for services. They utilize different devices; they are more apt to think, and rethink, and overthink their choice of the right attorney for them.

They may ask for referrals from friends and family, look you up online and check your reviews, take a quick look at your website, look up your bar information, etc.

You see, their path to a decision will differ from the guy looking for flowers for his wife, or the dad looking to fix his son’s cell phone…again.

While performing marketing for different industries over the years, there seems to be a mindset that what is good for every other industry is also going to work for law firms. In my experience, that is not true.

Are there similarities, yes.

Are there lessons to be learned from other industries, yes.

Should your law firm marketing strategy mirror a cell phone repair company? Not at all.

I am not going to disparage the flower shop owner or say that the cell phone repair owner is not as trained or as smart as you the attorney. I will say that your specialized training makes you different.

Think about this for a second. You can be intimidating. You should be intimidating. You are a highly trained professional that has sacrificed time, energy, and money into becoming who you are today. You should be compensated handsomely for it. Why do you think your client’s purchasing journey differs from any other industry?

You are a big-ticket item. If you are fortunate enough to be chosen by your clients, their expectations far exceed anything they may have been looking for in flower or cell phone repair shop. Your fee will also far exceed the cost of a flower or a cell phone.

What is Your Attorney Marketing Strategy?

They know this going into a conversation with you, and your marketing strategy must match who you are and what you bring to the table as a firm from marketing to the first engagement with your front desk, to signing on the dotted line as a client.

So let’s go back to my first statement. No one WANTS to talk to you…and it is not about you moreover, it is about them. They NEED to talk to you.

Your potential clients are asking these questions:

  • How will divorce impact my children?
  • How will this DUI impact my job?
  • Can I get just probation on my criminal charges?
  • Should I file bankruptcy?
  • Do I have a claim for this slip and fall?

If it is about them, then you must make your marketing talk to your potential clients when they want it, where they want it, and most importantly, when they NEED it.

Look at those five questions again.

Do you think the message and timing of those messages will differ depending on your firm’s specialty? I would hope your answer is yes. Now, look at your current marketing strategy. Do you know the time window for your DUI messaging? Are you aware of the time of day your potential clients may be searching for divorce information?

Let’s go back to the flower shop and cell phone repair shop again. Do you think their potential customers are looking for their services at 3 a.m.? They could be, sure, but I doubt not having flowers is keeping them up at night.

Now, look at what you offer.

Having been through a divorce and, sadly, knowing people that have gone through a divorce, there were times that I might have been on my cell phone at 3 a.m. looking for answers to my questions.

  1. Would your firm have put that information in front of me when I needed it the most? 
  2. Would that information have talked about you or talked to my questions at 3 a.m.?

It is naïve to think that your potential clients are only looking for you during typical office hours. So why would you follow that cookie-cutter marketing plan for a local mom and pop retail shop? Your services and value are different, your clients are different, and your marketing strategy should be different from any other profession in your local community.

This means that your firm must take a client-centered, data-driven approach to marketing.

Gone are the days when just PPC or just SEO will do the trick. Gone is the fly by night email marketing newsletter that was a “waste of money” because your goals were not clear. PPC, SEO, Email marketing, Social Media marketing and brand reach must match and pull towards the one common goal of your firm.

That goal?

To secure new business consistently and be the ONLY firm of choice in your vertical(s) when your potential clients need you the most. When potential clients look up your services, the quality of your work and your firm’s reputation should show from your marketing message, leading to your website, and then the first impression upon contact with your firm.

Your entire marketing plan should work hand-in-hand. Your offline presence is just as important as your online presence. Traditional marketing still works in today’s market if done correctly. This is why we call it a marketing strategy.

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