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Law Firm PPC Management Case Study

Case Study: Lawyer Adwords for a solo attorney in Lancaster, California







With the use of call tracking, we were able to see 189 new phone calls within 60 days of working with us.

Our niche specific lead generation strategy allowed our client to retain 12 new clients in the first 2 weeks of working with us.

Average cost-per-click for this niche and local area run above $15 per click. Our client was well below the average.


Client is a solo attorney in Lancaster, CA. This client had built a solid reputation in a very specific niche. During our discovery session, we were able to drill down and find three (3) specific areas that his competition was not targeting in their Google PPC strategy. The larger issue was that this client had only received 1-3 calls per month for his services. He was aware that his competitors had successfully created marketing campaigns but thought it would be too expensive for him to succeed.


After our initial kickoff meeting, we were able to set up three (3) niche specific landing pages at the clients request. We then performed a detailed keyword audit and found multiple long-tail keywords in this niche. Within 7-days of our launch, our client received his first day of multiple phone calls. In month one our client finished with 79 new calls. In month 2 our client received another 110 new calls.

Our client was also able to achieve a cost-per-click of $3.72. If you are running Google Ads for lead generation currently, you know how hard that is to achieve. Our client realized a cash positive ROI from our campaigns immediately.

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