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5 Traditional Marketing Methods That Still Work

Does Your Law Firm Have a Traditional Marketing Plan?

Unfortunately, many law firms think that investing in internet marketing methods means abandoning the proven traditional marketing techniques behind.


Using traditional marketing to supplement your online marketing techniques is an effective method of marketing and far more useful than using either on its own. Traditional marketing techniques, such as mailings, billboards, print collateral, and television ads all have historically high success rates.


Depending on whom you take advice from, the success rates of these mediums have been decreasing. I am not in that boat. I firmly believe that a solution is to use a combination of both internet and traditional marketing techniques together.


Think of it this way. Do you want all of your eggs in one basket? I would think not. When giving a consultation, this is one of the areas I look at during a competitive analysis. Being a lawyer, you already know that your field is highly competitive. If you are not there, your competition very well may be there.


If it is not in your budget now, start planning it now and be prepared once you can comfortably integrate some traditional marketing channels into your overall marketing campaign.


In this Chapter, we will review a few traditional marketing methods that still work today and discuss ways you can supplement these techniques with your overall marketing strategy.



5 Traditional Marketing Methods That Still Work

Business Cards

Business cards are used by business owners to introduce themselves to others in a sophisticated manner. This form of traditional marketing is still used today to promote businesses. You need to keep your business card in your pocket so that you suitably present it to all types of clients.


Business cards also help you to create a connection with your client, which is very essential.


Do not forget that your card has two sides. Have a QR code or your website or both on the back and present your business cards in that way if you are physically handing your card to someone. Point out that your website is on the back if they want more information about your firm and what stories you are telling on your website.


Some people are old school in that way. Remember also that there are apps that can scan your business card and automatically connect me to your LinkedIn or other social media profiles.



Direct Marketing

Brochures and flyers were historically used to come into direct contact with local customers as well as business clients. Leaving a nice flyer or brochures with businesses or people you think could be interested in your services was considered to be enough at that time.


Today, law firms can still use this method to offer special gifts to get the attention of first-time clients. This traditional marketing technique still contains that special personal touch that, depending on the services the client is seeking.


Hand out your brochures or flyers after your consultation. Again, have your online properties listed and point them out to prospective clients. Trade brochures with local business owners in your immediate area.



Word of Mouth/Referral

This is one the essential traditional marketing techniques used by businesses and is still a required source for firms. Today, law firms can still organize charitable events along with their online content to receive promotion via word of mouth.


I am not a proponent of showing up to every event available, so choose them wisely. If you assist business owners with company formation documentation or acting as general counsel, I do hope you are showing up to your local chamber of commerce meetings or mixers.


One word of advice about networking. Do not be “that guy” at the networking event. If you have ever been to one, you know what I mean.


The guy that comes off as “qualifying me” as a lead from hello. We have all run across that at some point. Yes, I understand that your run a business and clients are what keeps you open, but there are other ways to do it.


Here is an example of what I mean. Some years ago, I went to a networking event in Scottsdale. The event brings in a few thousand people annually from all over Arizona in various industries.


I sit down next to a gentleman, and he starts qualifying me immediately before the start of the seminar we were both attending.


Within a few quick minutes, he qualified me a potential lead for a life insurance product and may also be able to help me with my 401k. Sounds great for him right?


When he finally asks me what I did for a living, I mentioned that I was a Financial Advisor and I happen to manage 401k’s and group life insurance policies for a few companies in town.


The look on his face and the ear-to-ear smile on mine was priceless. It gets better. The seminar we were at you ask?


“How Not to Do Networking.” When the “don’t qualify everyone you meet here” section came up, all we both could do was laugh.


I have left Finance for some years now, but guess who I will not be calling if I need someone to assist me with my retirement or asset protection. That guy.


Get to know people and create a network of fellow professionals that see you as “their guy” when it comes time to get legal advice.


Warm Calls

If you know a client that is potentially interested in your legal services, then a warm call can be an ideal way of contacting clients to introduce yourself. You can also send an email to establish or reestablish the connection. This can serve as the initial step for your face-to-face meeting with them.


Warm calls can be generated from your case studies, webinars, podcasts, or whitepapers. This will obviously not work for every field in law but it still works.



Press Releases

Press Releases are published by businesses to introduce new products or services in the market or to announce the addition of new features to existing products or services. In today’s law firm marketing, this traditional marketing method can be used when introducing new legal services, partnerships, and updates to your prospective clients and surrounding community.


Don’t forget that you can also use press releases to showcase new team members.


Maybe there was a highly sought after paralegal or attorney in your area with a reputation that follows them to whichever firm they are with. Wouldn’t you want that to be known? Use the press release to introduce them and how they fit into your client-centered culture.


At first glance, you may doubt the effectiveness of these traditional marketing techniques. Keep in mind; these examples are just a few examples of TOMA or Top of Mind Awareness.


Combining these traditional marketing efforts with your digital strategy will pay off if done correctly.

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