5 Solo Practice Marketing Ideas

5 Solo Practice Marketing Ideas

5 Best Solo Practice Marketing Tips

Are you a lawyer who is uncertain of the best marketing strategy to use to market your law firm? You are not alone. To be precise, small law firm marketing can sometimes be a daunting task. Even though you may be a solo practice, there are some basics that you need to know for the prosperity of your firm.


There are many marketing strategies that you can use for a solo practice, but which ones are the best? According to most research studies, the internet is the best and simplest means of marketing. However, this does not rule out other marketing strategies.


The following are strategies you can use to market your firm. Read on to find out more.



1. Print Adverting

Besides online marketing, the print advertisement can be used to supplement other marketing strategies. Print advertisement involves publication of printed papers for your potential audience; it includes the poster in the daily newspapers and other offers that may be sent via email.


A print advertisement is only effective if your target audience sees it. Through these advertisements, you should aim to attract the people who will scan or read through your publication.


Since you will be marketing to a local market, it is crucial that you pick the right publication. This obviously will vary depending upon your practice area as well. Do not let someone sell you on putting your Immigration practice in the nightlife and club’s publication.


I would think a DUI attorney may want to take that space instead.


Also, look for local military publications if you are in close proximity to a military base. As a veteran, I can tell you that we are very picky when it comes to referring out our business. If you can gain a spot in one of these publications and then follow-up with exceptional service, this will be a very good investment of your marketing dollar.


If you have a track record of terrible service, stay away. We will let everyone, and I mean EVERYONE know not to pick your law firm.



2. Create a Client-Centric Website

Having your website makes it easy for your potential clients to find you instantly. This will also help you monitor your incoming website traffic so that you can gauge the visibility of the website and the effectiveness of your marketing.


After understanding your potential client habits, you will then decide on the best measures to take to increase the marketing of your firm.


I know, that all sounds easy right?


Although finding your site may be easy if done correctly, my best advice is to make sure you are telling your potential clients that you can help them.


I see far too many law firm websites that a focused on the wrong thing. Yes, you should have your credentials and your awards on your site, but what will they mean to your potential client?


Can you write the content on your website to point out that your, “Number 1 rating on Website X is due to your team’s excellent track record with (insert type of case here).”


Your site should showcase your team, but in a context that is client-centered.



3. Publish Legal Articles

There are hundreds of sites that are created to publish law-related articles solely. These sites have proved most effective for small law firm marketing because they reach out to a specific audience. It’s also easy to get your legal article published on these sites if it’s in line with the sites requirements, which are usually simple.


Your consistency in publishing the articles will translate to a larger audience and thus more market.


I have heard the push back on this one. Why? What’s the point of publishing articles on other sites and blogs that are not local to me?


To me it’s simple. Authority!


In looking at data from clients, I can tell you that after going to your website, most of the time, a potential client will search you in Google or Bing. Do you think that having your name pop up in major publications speaks to your authority on the subject?


Yes, it does.


This also will go towards helping your website domain authority.


We’ll save that blog for another day.



4. Social Media Profiles

Social media has the largest audience, for instance, Facebook has the largest number of users in the world today. A few years ago, this site and many others like Twitter and LinkedIn did not exist. But after their existence, the number of their uses has always been on the rise.


Thus, these are the best sites you can use to market your firm. Facebook allows creation of page, groups, and Ads that are among the chief means of advertisement.


You can create your page with the information you will want to convey to your audience or join or create a group for members who are interested in your field and work. The Ads also reach out to almost everyone who uses Facebook or those that you may target, i.e., people from 25-45 years.


A site that is gaining traction this last year or so is LinkedIn. I know, I sound like a moron saying LinkedIn is “gaining traction” but I’m serious. I have a fairly large following on LI and have noticed that more lawyers are finally utilizing the platform.


Keep in mind, the previous section I mentioned being published. Guess what. You can publish on LinkedIn also. This is a great place to re-purpose old articles and posts from other platforms to drive engagement.



5. Create a YouTube Channel

Do you have a YouTube channel? Creating a personal YouTube channel is free and available to everyone-this is unknown to many. Today most videos are watched on YouTube thus create yours today to reach out to potential clients.


There is no need to run out and purchase a fancy camera. Start slow by using your iPhone. Post quick videos featuring the staff, or an event you happen to be attending.


Remember that in the grand scheme, these videos are still valuable content that can be repurposed on other sites and blogs.



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