5 Quick Tips to Keep Your Law Firm Top of Mind

Keep Your Law Firm Top of Mind

When an incident arises that you can solve, you want your law firm to be the first firm your client thinks about. You want to be the leader in your niche, the go-to-lawyer, a trusted name in the legal field.

In other words, you want your law firm to be the Top of Mind.

Without a good Top of Mind marketing strategy, your firm will fail to be the go-to you want it to be. So how can you make your firm the first name that comes to the mind of your prospective clients?


Let’s look at five quick tips:

1) Make an Emotional Connection: Emotional satisfaction is taken into account whenever a client determines the net benefit of hiring your firm. Determining the emotional connection of your clients allows you to know how to approach them before they hire your firm.

2) Always be Present: Rarely will clients hire your firm after learning about it for the first time. It is important to always to know where your prospective client is regarding platform. Craft your strategy to be there on a regular basis.

3) Offer Value Consistently: Prospective clients should all feel your value when they interact with your law firm. Having a regular blog that contains valuable information for your clients is the best way to accomplish this.

4) Be Unique: Achieve Top of Mind status by being one of the law firms that is different from the rest. Some of the ideas presented earlier in the book may work for you. I would advise you to see what your competitors are doing. They may have some good ideas, or you may be able to take over an area they neglected.

5) Create a Buzz: Marketing at its core is about getting attention. One of the best ways of doing this is by getting people to talk about your firm. Determine what will make your target audience recommend your brand to their family and friends.

Don’t forget to utilize your staff as well. If you are truly in this together, give your staff some ownership in creating ideas that will create a buzz within your community. Volunteer for park clean ups, food drives, helping veterans and more.

If follow these five tips, you will certainly make your law firm achieve a Top of Mind status.


What does your law firm use to keep you top of mind in your market?

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