Law Firm Pay Per Click

5 Ideas to Make Law Firm Pay Per Click Work

Law Firm Pay Per Click

As a lawyer, it is important to continually market your law firm services to prospective clients both online and offline. Most professionals recommend that you use the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to market your law firm online. However, it’s worth noting that standing out in these search engine results is easier said than done.


Pay-per-click (PPC) can be used both with SEO and in cases where your SEO tactics are not working out well. PPC is a search action in which you create ads and then place bids on various phrases for these ads. The ads will then appear below or above non-paid organic search result.

The search engine is then paid each time a user or prospective clients clicks on it. Thus, a simple and well-thought-out pay-per-click campaign can make a great difference in the number of clients you will receive.


Below are 5 Ideas for Law Firm Pay Per Click


1. Focus on Your Demography Through Geo-targeting

You should ensure your ads communicate to your prospective clients’ readiness to hire you as their lawyer. PPC can sometimes be expensive especially for small law firms; this is why it’s always best to limit how far your ads reach. Therefore, decide on a precise geographical area in which you would like your messages to show up.

Focusing on a small targeted geographical area means that your ads will be for your specific prospective clients and will lead to high returns while minimizing cost.


2. Carry out Competitive Research

You need to make your firm stand out from the rest because there is a lot of competition. How will you ensure your ad is the best among the many other ads? The best answer this question is to ensure you perform extensive research on your competitors to get information on the services they offer and what you can do to make these services better.


3. Create a Conversion Landing Page

A successful law firm pay per click campaign needs you to create a custom landing page to help increase conversion rates. When your prospective clients will see your PPC ads and decide to click on them, they will automatically redirect them to your optimized landing page. Also, for your PPC campaign to be more efficient, you need the guidance of an experienced PPC campaign manager-based on your target audience.


4. Prioritize Your Phone Calls

It’s essential that in every PPC campaign you include call extensions on the mobile ads. Utilizing these call extensions will have a great impact in marketing your law firm. This is because a call received in your law firm is more valuable than a click on the website, hence you will have greater control of your clients.


5. Always Stay Relevant in Your Ads

Ads only show up when certain specific keywords are used in the search engines. This implies that the more relevant terms you will use for your target audience, the more conversions you will get from the ads. Hence, you should create relevant ads that are easily triggered when specific keywords are entered in the search engines.

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