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4 Law Firm Marketing Plan Tips

Law Firm Marketing Plan Tips

The following is an excerpt from the book: Lawyers Guide to Marketing: How to Create a Profitable Marketing Strategy for Your Law Firm.


In this section of the book, we are discussing Closed-Loop Analytics and its importance in your overall law firm marketing plan. The following dives into defining some of the definition and tools required along the way to having data that helps your law firm marketing team make more informed marketing decisions for long-term growth.


This may sound simple, but through conversations with law firms, I am finding that a few of the steps along the way are being missed, or simply misunderstood.


Gone are the days where you can just put up a website and use black hat tactics to gain visibility in your marketplace. As an attorney, every market you enter will be competitive. Having a clear view of how to attract and retain potential clients needs to be your number one priority with your law firm marketing plan.


Take these 4 quick tips into consideration when developing your marketing plan.


4 Quick Tips

1. Attraction: The Visitors Get to Your Website

With the help of cookies and other tools, it is easy to tell what brought a visitor to your website. Whether they were on Facebook or Twitter and found a very attractive post from your firm, searching for a specific term or checking their emails for the latest news and updates.


Determining what brought them will help you know which marketing methods are working best for your firm.


2. Interest: The Visitor Browses around Your Website

What keeps the visitor on your site? As you track your visitor’s behavior while they are on your website, you will learn more about what interests them most, which pages they like most and those that cause them to click away.


To know and track your visitor behavior, you are going to have to expand your tool box and knowledge base. There are numerous tools you can utilize. Google Analytics can drill down to site behavior, exit pages and more.


Here is a screenshot from one of our clients:


Google Analytics Behavior Flow


With this type of data, we are able to take a deeper look into why and at what point potential clients may be leaving your site before contacting you. If you hover over each tab, Google Analytics will even provide the drop off versus through traffic data as seen below:


law firm marketing plan data


Using these features will show you entry and exit points along your visitor’s journey. Add the use of heat maps to enhance your view of visitor behavior as well.


3.Conversion: Visitor Converts into a Lead

This is the most important stage in the process from a marketing standpoint. Once we understand what actions were taken to turn visitors into leads, we can then replicate this process.


Keep this in mind. You are an attorney, and your market is very competitive. Do not fool yourself into thinking you are the only attorney this potential client is contacting.


Since that is the case, you must make the process of becoming a lead easy for your potential clients, but there is another piece that most law firms are missing. You have to be first to contact.


contact form for law firms


If a visitor fills out a contact form and it takes you 24-48 hours to contact them, you have just wasted your money on marketing in my opinion. Your mobile site must have a “call now” feature.


To take this a step further, you also need to look at your contact form.


If you are utilizing call tracking, you can make your form “auto call” your visitor and your office, simultaneously, within seconds after the form is filled out.


Why do this?


First off, it is one of those “wow” factors for potential clients. I have listened to hundreds of inbound calls when implementing this feature for clients. Potential clients love it, and they say so during initial contact.


Second, why give your client a chance to look anywhere else?


Again, this is where you differ from other industries, and your lead conversion strategy needs to differ from your competitors. If your potential client is filling out your form, what other law firms form have they filled out?


Having a contact form with auto call features your law firm marketing plan will set you apart from your competition.


4. Retention: Lead Becomes an Appointment

This is where your front office staff and telephone conversation analytics comes into the equation.

With the right call tracking system set up, your staff can assist your marketing efforts by asking the proper probing questions to set an appointment.


If done correctly, these probing questions can be taken directly from your analytics and transferred into content, branding, and messaging across whichever platform they found your firm.


The right call tracking system will also allow you to inspect what you expect regarding phone handling of your hard earned leads.


I have heard the missed appointment from a staff member that is not confident or lacks the proper knowledge of the firm’s operations on the phone.


Worse yet, I have heard it from junior attorneys who happen to be covering the front desk.


There is a ton of information that call tracking can bring to your marketing campaigns that go beyond simple sourcing.


To win in your competitive market, you are going to need all of the analytics you can get your hands on to make better decisions in marketing and conversion.


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