4 Benefits of Law Firm SEO

Law Firm SEO

According to a Google survey, over 20% of lawyer’s prospective clients use search engines to look for lawyers. This means that if your law firm doesn’t have an online presence, then there are high chances that you will get few clients.


In the US alone there are over 50,000 online marketing law firms that use the internet and other social media platforms as a means to reach out to people. How will your firm effectively compete for online presence not only in the US but also with the rest of the world?


It’s simple; you need to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as the centerpiece of your overall legal marketing strategy.


4 Benefits of Law Firm SEO for Marketing


1. Help Grow Your Clientele

In marketing law firms, using SEO makes it easy to convert people who search for lawyer’s services online into your clients. Thus, ranking in top positions of the search engine pages by using specific keywords will help you increase traffic to your website.


This is because SEO creates keyword relevant, descriptive and informative title tags which easily show up in most result pages.


Law firm marketing is very competitive. In this consideration, the more specific you will be in your description and keywords, the easier it will be to gain traffic.


2. It’s Cost-efficient

SEO is among the cheapest marketing strategies; this is because its users are often active in looking for your services online instead of you looking for them. Most small law firms find it hard to advertise themselves especially when they use outbound strategies, e.g., cold-calling.


Although cold-calling can sometimes be an effective marketing strategy, SEO inbound marketing strategy remains the best for small firms that want to limit their spending while aim to make huge returns.


3. Creates Awareness of the Services You Offer

Since high position ranking helps create a significant impression, it’s best to have your law firm website in the top positions on every relevant search-result page. If your firm is among the top in these results, it will translate to more exposure of your law firm.


Hence, high chances for you to get more prospective clients to view and read through your content.


This means that your website must be SEO friendly by having great and 100% unique content. You should also make sure your website information about the services you offer is valuable to your clients because the primary goal is to attract and inform your prospective client.


4. Helps Gain Credibility

When a website shows on the first page of search engines, people get to have trust that it’s a reliable site to use. Aim to be in the top 10 positions of this search engines by using well-thought-out marketing strategies.


The results are not always immediate; it will take some time for most people to get information about your site. Remember that you should be patient and always act fast because it’s a competitive market.


For example, if you are an immigration attorney, you have an opportunity to write topics that speak to the current issues that are facing real people. Do you research to see what topics are being searched and write your content speaking to that audience.


Where Do I Start?

Keyword research is the first place to start. Having the right long-tail keywords will allow you to tailor your content and website to what potential clients are looking for. A tool that I use is Keywords Everywhere.


Keywords Everywhere Keyword Research Tool

This is an extension for your Chrome of Firefox browser and allows you to identify search volume, CPC, and competition data.


This tool allows me to look at data from Amazon, Bing, Google, YouTube and more. In my consultations, I can use this tool real-time and provide accurate analysis for a potential client during a conversation. If you are a small law firm, I would suggest using this tool for two main reasons:


  1. It’s Free
  2. Saves Time


I have nothing against other tools provided by Google as they are free as well, but take a look at this screen shot below:


Law Firm SEO Tools


I can see the data immediately. Notice on the difference when you search now? Directly under my search, I can see the monthly search volume, estimated cost-per-click and the competition for this particular search term.


Also, notice how “results” differ. This is where having this tool for your firm can pay off the most. Now, if you are discussing terms or items with your marketing team, you do not have to open their “proprietary” systems to see what they are talking about.


Now you are armed with a tool that allows you discuss and discover specifics in your SEO and PPC campaign management.


You can even cross-reference searches under the “related searches” at the bottom of Google as shown in this shot below:


law firm seo


If you’re ready to get fancy, you can also upload up to 10,000 keywords at once. May be a little much if you are just getting started, but just know that the option is there.


If you have questions, they have a tutorial section that should help you get started.

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