A Google Ads Partner Agency

Esquire Marketing Group is a digital marketing agency with more than eight years of experience in digital and traditional marketing. As a Google Ads Partner Agency, we provide world class service and results for local businesses across the United States in paid advertising.

In Partnership with Google Ads, Esquire Marketing Group Announces up to $4,000 in Ad Credits to help Women, Minority and Veteran Owned Businesses


Q: How Do the Google Ad Credits Work?

A: To earn the credit from Google: EMG is sent a promotional code for our new clients prior to or just after your account accrues costs of at least $500, (excluding any taxes or applicable fees), within 60 days. The Google offer is available only to accounts which are new to Google Ads, with a billing address in the United States and in select countries. One promotional code per new account. 

Q: How Do the EMG Ad Credits Work?
A: To earn the credit from EMG: Once your third month starts and your ad credit from Google has been applied, our team will automatically add your ad credits based on the level of service you have agreed to upon signing up. New accounts can expect to see this credit applied in month three (3) of their engagement with EMG.
Q: How Will the Ad Credits be Applied?
A: Both ad credits will be applied as specified above. Ad credits may not be utilized to replace accounts that are not funded as agreed upon.
Q: What is the Combined Max Ad Credit Available?

A: The max ad credit available is $4,000 per new account.

Q: Where can these Ad Credits Be Used?

A: Combined Ad credits can only be utilized on Google properties. Including YouTube and display networks.

Q: Do My Ad Credits Expire?
A: Google Ad credits will expire 60 days after the credit is applied to your account. EMG Ad credits will expire 90 days after the credit is applied to your account.
Q: What is the Monthly Management Fee and Setup Fee?

A: Monthly management fees and Setup Fees start at $499 monthly for Tier 1 clients, please download the pricing sheet for other Tiers, Pricing and Setup Fees.

Q: What Should My Budget Be?
A: Each client is different. For example, a Criminal Attorney in Los Angeles will have a drastically different budget from a maid service in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our minimum engagement is with budgets starting at $500. Please view the pricing sheet for a full picture of your options.
Q: How do you verify my Woman, Veteran or Minority Owned business status for Ad Credits?
A: EMG will use publicly available information to verify your status. This may include other Google properties such as Google My Business Listing (recommended) or other publicly available information.
Q: What's the Minimum Time Commitment?
A: Your time commitment is minimal. Some of our clients will want a monthly check in while others just want us to send them a weekly or monthly report. The choice is yours. We will handle your marketing and allow you the time required to run your business. 
Q: Can I Expect My Campaign to Be Successful Overnight?
A: No. Although this is the thought process in most of digital marketing, we want our clients to have a realistic expectation of success. As Google Ads Partner, we not only have access to their world class technology, but also their support team. We utilize their support and technology along with our experience in managing successful campaigns to see results for our clients over time. We expect to see positive results in the first month, learn from that data and then double down on what works in the months moving forward.
Q: Will I Have Access to My Data? How Often?
A: You will have access to your own data and login for each client we serve 24/7.
Q: Will I Have Personal Support?
A: We suggest a monthly call to cover your data, campaign success or other requests that may arise. This is optional and dependent upon how you would like for us to communicate with you. You will also have access to client dashboards, monthly reports and help desk support 24/7.
Q: How Do I Get Started?
A: To get started, please download the pricing sheet so that you have a clear view of your options. Then scroll below to schedule a time best for you. On this call we will discuss your options, your budget and what results we can expect to offer your business.

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